Ladder Trolleys (Extra Safety Heavy Duty c/w Retractable Castors)

NST Series

Model No.   NST 5 NST 6 NST 7 NST 8 NST 9 NST 10 NST 11 NST 12 NST 13 NST 14 
Finishing   Bright Red Epoxy Powder Coating
Ladder Step   5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Platform Height
(from ground)
mm 1250 1500 1750 2000 2250 2500 2750 3000 3250 3500
Platform Size 
W x D
mm 665 x 450 750 x 600 990 x 600
Overall Dimensions
H x W x D 
mm 2200 x 915 x 1220 2450 x 915 x 1400 2700 x 915 x 1580 2950 x 915 x 1760 3200 x 915 x 1940 3450 x 1000 x 2200 3700 x 1000 x 2380 3950 x 1000 x 2560 4200 x 1220 x 2600 4450 x 1220 x 2600
Wheel   Front 2 swivel 4" Polyurethane wheels. Rear 2 axle mounted 8" rubber wheels
Loading Capacity kg 150
950mm Platform Guardrail Height Conforms to
BS EN 131-7 Standard for your peace of mind
Anti-slip Expanded Metal Steps minimise risk of fall
Hand Lock Anchorage;
when locked the front feel rest firmly on the floor
High Quality Epoxy Powder Coating in Bright Red
provides last-lasting finishing and high visibility
Premium German Polyurethane Wheels provides
durability. Thick Protective Rubber Grip Pads
have excellent gripping power.
Rigid All Welded Steel Frame Using
Oversize 27mm Steel Pipe

  • 6th generation sturdy & proven design, easy to manoeuvre yet stable at height.
  • A wide range of ladder trolleys available from 5 to 14 steps 
  • Designed for warehouses, factories, retail areas with good storage racks.
  • Non-Slip Expanded Metal Steps provide firm grip.
  • Safety Cage at top deck and bottom goods platform.
  • Finishing: Red Epoxy Powder Coating
  • Capacity: 150kg
        Extra New Safety Features:
  • Hand Built with attention to detail, both in design and manufacture, to ensure total reliability and many years of arduous operation.
  • Fitted with Hand Lock Anchorage; when locked the front feet rest firmly on the floor, feet fitted with protective plastic floor pads.
  • Outboard Axle Mounted Rear Wheels gives extra stability.
  • Conforms to BS EN 131-7 Standard *
  • CE Certified

* BS EN 131-7 Standard
In Europe, as elsewhere, falls from heights are the major cause of workplace fatalities and a significant cause of major injuries, with most of these falls being from low falls, defined as a fall from under 2 meters, and it is not unusual that falls from 1.2m to be fatal. In an analysis of fall accidents, Snyder(1977) showed that people who fell less than 6m landed on their heads 76% of the time. However , people who fell more than 6m landed on their feet 63% of the time. In relatively short falls, the head is more likely to be injured than in the higher falls.*
It was with these dangers in mind that the British Standards, European Normals (BS EN) 131-7 was adopted by the UK and Europe to govern the design and manufacture of movable ladders.
Our NST Series was conceived, researched, designed , and manufactured over the course of a full year because of the feedback from our customers and our experience which included the fatal deaths of several employees of major multinational corporations in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia from working on uncertified movable ladders (all NOT manufactured by us). Even as some of these accident inquiries have not been closed and others buried, our NST Series presents a safer, properly designed and certified option in our markets where there are currently NO national or regional safety standards for these products.
* Ergonomics Evaluation into the safety of stepladders, Report by Loughborough University for the UK HSE (Health & Safety Executive)