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PPT-OPL Series

Type sheet for industrial truck acc. to VDI 2198 1KG=2.2LB 1INCH=25.4MM
Identification 1.2 Model No.   PPT25OPL
1.3 Power (Battery, Diesel, Petrol, Gas, Manual)   battery
1.4 Operator Type   order-picker
1.5 Load Capacity/Rated Load Q (t) 2.5
1.6 Load Centre Distance c (mm) 1200
1.7 Load Distance, Centre of Drive Axle to Fork x (mm) 1600
1.8 Wheelbase y (mm) 2655
Weights 2.1 Service Weight kg 1244
2.2 Axle Loading, Laden Front/Rear kg 1317.5/2426.5
2.3 Axle Loading, Unladen Front/Rear kg 940/304
Wheels, Chassis 3.1 Tyres   polyurethane
3.2 Tyre Size, Front Φ x w(mm) Φ 254 x 82
3.3 Tyre Size, Rear Φ x w(mm) Φ 84 x 93
3.4 Additional Wheels (Dimensions) Φ x w(mm) Φ 150 x 60
3.5 Wheels, Number Front/Rear (X-Driven Wheels)   1+1 x 4
3.6 Tread, Front b10 (mm) 415
3.7 Tread, Rear b11 (mm) 380
Basic Dimensions 4.1 Lift h3 (mm) 130
4.2 Height, Lowered h13 (mm) 85
4.3 Height of Tiller in Drive Position Min./Max. h14 (mm) 1170/1493
4.4 Overall Length l1 (mm) 3716
4.5 Length to Face of Forks l2 (mm) 734.5
4.6 Overall Width b1 (mm) 810
4.7 Fork Dimensions s/e/l (mm) 60/180/2400
4.8 Distance Between Fork-Arms b5 (mm) 560
4.9 Ground Clearance, Centre of Wheelbase m2 (mm) 25
4.10 Aisle Width for Pallets 800 x 1200 Lengthways Ast (mm) 4010
4.11 Turning Radius Wa (mm) 2916
Performance 5.1 Travel Speed, Laden/Unladen km/h 7.5/9.0
5.2 Lift Speed, Laden/Unladen mm/s 0.034/0.045
5.3 Lowering Speed, Laden/Unladen mm/s 0.035/0.02
5.4 Max. Gradient Performance, Laden/Unladen % 6/12
5.5 Service Brake   electromagnetic
E-Motor 6.1 Drive Motor Rating S2 60min kw 2.5
6.2 Lift Motor Rating at S3 15% kw 1.2
6.3 Battery acc. to DIN 43531/35136 A, B, C, no   cells 3pzs
6.4 Battery Voltage, Nominal Capacity k5 V/Ah 24/465
6.5 Battery Weight kg 375
6.6 Energy Consumption acc. to VDI Cycle kWh/h 0.7
Others 7.1 Type of Drive Control   AC-speed Control
7.2 Sound Level at Driver's Ear Acc. to En 12053 dB (A) 67

  • The Superform PPT-OPL Series is designed for safe, effective, low-level order picking in heavy warehouse applications
  • A wide cab and low step in guarantees operator comfort while rapid acceleration, high top speed and gentle breaking moves it quickly in any environment
  • Operator ergonomics is further enhanced by a comfortable backrest, non slip floor and storage space for paper, pins, etc. All perfectly located and within easy reach to give the best working position.
  • CANBUS technology for fault free intra-system communication and IP54 dust and moisture protection for harsher environments. 500 Ah deep cycle traction batteries available as an option to power through long and grueling work shifts
  • Other features: 3 phase AC motor for reduced brushless maintenance plus maximum acceleration and speed. A floating, anti-slip drive wheel system creates optimum wheel pressure and traction, providing stability and a smooth ride on any surface
  • Onboard computer and intelligent display not only presents the current operating state, but troubleshoots faults and assists maintenance
  • Progressive, assisted steering - a 60 degree steering angle gives a 90 degree turn of the wheels. Straight ahead operator position, energy regenerative braking and a class leading 3.0 kilowatt drive motor completes an operator's and company's dream machine