5 Ton

AC Series

Type sheet for industrial truck acc. to VDI 2198 1KG=2.2LB 1INCH=25.4MM
Feature 1.1 Model No.   AC5000
1.2 Capacity kg 5000
1.3 Pump type   Integrated
Weight 2.1 Service weight (Nylon wheel) kg 130
2.2 Service weight (Steel wheel) kg 140
Dimensions 3.1 Lifting height mm 105
3.2 Max. fork lifting height mm 190
3.3 Lowered height of fork mm 85
3.4 Fork outside distance mm 540/685
3.5 Fork length mm 1150/1220
3.6 Fork width mm 180
Wheel 2.1 Tyre Type   Nylon
2.2 Tyre size, drive wheels mm Φ180x50
2.3 Tyre size, load wheels mm Φ80x66

5.0Ton Hand Pallet Truck is an economic & effortless solution for loading and unloading super-heavy goods, The heavy duty steel construction and effortless pump unit with super-large piston to reduce operating efforts .

▪  Newest model        
▪  Large handle enables two person to pull    
▪  Nylon wheels for easy maneuveur    
▪  CE Certified        
▪  Equipped with German hydraulic system and anti-impact release valve
▪  Heavy duty steel construction chassis      
▪  Effortless pumping with Super Large Pump Piston