Eagle Grip Forklift Drum

Extra Heavy Duty Double Gripper Series

Model   EG1-2 (HD) EG2-4 (HD) EG3-6 (HD) EG4-8 (HD)
Capacity kg 500 500 x 2 500 x 3 500 x 4
Net Weight kg 60 86 146 170
Overall Size mm 910×760×850  910×760×850  1570×1110×850 2190×1110×850 
Load center distance mm 1150
Lowest Height of buckle mm 465
Highest Height of buckle mm 690
Height of buckle Middle mm 615-540 
Forklift Leg Inside Diameter L×H mm 150×55 
ForkliftLegInside Width mm 430 670
ForkliftLegOutside Width mm 750 990
ForkliftLength mm 750 900

  • Recommended for occasion which dealing with more than 800 barrels per month.
  • Purely mechanical structure design of heavy-duty double barrel fixture easily fit with the forklift, forklift rely solely on the action, no other power, automatically handling a barrel.
  • Deal with more types of barrels, including steel, plastic; Within such narrow environment, such as container loading and unloading of bulk materials, can significantly improve space utilization.
  • Automatic mechanical operation, to adapt to the different specifications of the barrel. Every barrel can be automatically self-aligning double clamp claws to clamping "buckle", not only further slow down the barrel of the edge stress condition, and to have local damage of the barrel, put the uneven barrels can be reliably handling and stacking.